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Hospital waiting area with square lighting on the ceiling and blue artwork on the wall
Atrium Health LifeShare Carolinas

Committed to a Mission of Hope, Life, and Healing

Project Location

Charlotte, NC


Atrium Health


27,000 SF


Architecture and interiors

LifeShare Carolinas plays a crucial role connecting generous donors to individuals in need of life-saving organ, eye, and tissue transplants. Partnering with Atrium Health and LifeShare Carolinas, our design of the new LifeShare Donor Care Center unites medical management and recovery of organ donors while offering support to grieving donor families and the broader community. As one of the 56 organ procurement organizations, commonly referred to as OPOs, in the United States, the facility is one of only 17 donation centers nationwide. 

This new facility type addresses hospital capacity challenges and alleviates the strain on hospital resources, while simultaneously streamlining the donation recovery process to increase organ, tissue, and eye donations, ultimately saving more lives. 

At 27,000 SF, the donor center mimics comprehensive hospital resources and departments, encompassing ICU rooms, surgical suites, laboratories, full diagnostic capabilities, and other essential elements required for successful donor management. Dedicated spaces for grief counseling services were designed with the Donor Family in mind.

The design also prioritizes staff satisfaction and well-being, offering open offices on the second-floor mezzanine with outside views, varied meeting spaces for employee collaboration, a kitchen-style breakroom, a gym, and a staff patio overlooking the adjacent creek that provides a serene backdrop in moments of respite. In addition, the act of donation is celebrated by highlighting donor stories throughout the building, serving as a source of inspiration and connection for donor families and staff. The new facility not only creates a better donation environment, but also serves as a testament to LifeShare’s mission of hope, life, and healing.

New Facility Gives Gift of Life

Donor Care Centers are the newest specialized facility type that supports Organ Procurement Organization’s, commonly referred to as OPOs, daily tasks all under one roof. By addressing the capacity challenges faced by hospitals, these facilities alleviate the strain on hospital resources and streamline the donor process to increase organ, tissue, and eye donations, ultimately saving more lives. Donor Care Centers are vital in facilitating life-saving organ transplants and are making a profound impact on the field of healthcare.

Honoring Life through Donation

Designing with the Donor in Mind

Organ, tissue, and eye recovery can only happen within a very small window after a death. Previously, staff members drove to hospitals around their region (3-8 hours of travel time) resulting in time lost trying to get on the hospital’s Imaging and Surgical department schedules. Now, donors are brought to the new facility where the Donor Care Suite, Diagnostic Room, and Recovery Suite are all steps away from each other. Having all of these resources under one roof drastically reduced wait time and allowed for more organs to be recovered.

Lean Building Restoration

Giving an Old Building New Life

The project was a renovation and addition to an existing facility that was subject to water intrusion, mold, structural issues, and a failing facade. The team used the Lean Construction Methods to help the owner identify various solutions, understand the schedule and/or cost impacts, and help make informed, timely discissions.  The building envelope was upgraded with refurbishment of the existing metal panels, storefront, and skylights, ultimately giving the old building new life.

Simulating Hospital Conditions

All Resources Under One Roof

To save and enhance more lives by increasing donor gifts, the OPO was organized and equipped with the same resources and departments as a hospital. Organ, tissue, and eye recovery must happen within a very small window after a death. Donors are now brought to the new facility where the Donor Care Suite, Diagnostic Room, and Recovery Suite are all steps away from each other. This streamlined the time-sensitive process, allowing for the recovery of more donations.

Featured Video
LifeShare Carolinas Headquarters & Donor Care Center Tour

Take a step into the country’s newest Donor Care Center that is changing the future of organ procurement.

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