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Nighttime rendering of a stone building with a mural light with phrase the history of tomorrow
Boys Town Education Center

Prioritizing Students Through Design


Boys Town

Project Location

Omaha, Nebraska




110,000 SF

Since its opening in 1948, Boys Town High School has continually provided safe and inspiring learning experiences for its students. Our design for the new Boys Town Education Center captures the spirit of the intricacies that make Boys Town unique. Special attention is paid to each detail; from the vertical and horizontal juxtaposition of form to brick and stone color detailing. Consideration of mental health and student and faculty well-being are the two driving forces of this design. A central hub connects all levels, allowing staff to easily supervise student movement. The exterior façade is inspired by the historic facilities of Boys Town, with its playful brick patterns and original mural. Each detail of the new school is an embrace of the past with forward-thinking hope for the future.

The new 110,000-SF school serves 450 students, grades 4-12. A variety of different-sized classroom studios are included in the facility to support programmatic needs identified in the curriculum assessment. Dispersed small group rooms throughout the building allow for group work, acoustic separation, and student and teacher one-on-one time. Elementary and middle school students have access to learning commons for collaboration and hands-on learning. A multipurpose room offers activity space for elementary and middle school students to engage in physical education activities. Makerspaces give high school students the opportunity to immerse themselves in technology and STEM-related activities. Spirit Hall occupies the main level and is visible to every level, looking over the three-story volume with fully transparent glass on the east side for spectacular views of the landscape and Omaha skyline.

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