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Emerging Professional Experience

The emerging professionals’ experience is an opportunity for interns and new grads to gain a perspective on the holistic nature of design and the potential for experiences and growth at the firm.


What You Need To Know

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How Can I Intern with DLR Group?

Our firm supports the next generation of big thinkers so they can influence and mold the future of our industry. For decades, our investment in interns and new graduates has not only built our future workforce, but also ensured that students gain the insight and opportunities they need to build successful, meaningful careers. We’ve hosted internships for students from high school to postgraduate. No matter when they come to us in their education journey, they often have similar questions.

Learn more about our internship experience

Emerging Professionals as a Priority

DLR Group is continuing its commitment to the next generation of AEC leaders through hiring, mentoring, and investing in interns and new graduates. We’ve evolved our Summer Internship Experience Program to the Emerging Professional Experience Program. All interns will participate in the program, and recent graduates who are full-time employee-owners are also encouraged to participate.

Read about the program from DLR Group Senior Associate Kate Thuesen, AIA, LEEP AP.

A Culture for Design

We use our design voices to make changes in our communities.

woman writing feedback on a board at a community meeting with architects

Personal Development Grants

Each year, a group of employee-owners are awarded a personal development grant to explore a passion of theirs. Created to support the entrepreneurial spirit at the individual level, our PDG program promotes exploration, creativity, innovation, and invention.


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DLR Group Senior Associate and Architect Catherine Meng, AIA

San Francisco

Everyone has a Design Voice

At DLR Group we like to say, “Everyone has a design voice.” Rather than wondering where are all the women in architecture, one employee-owner took action. And so, the Design Voice Podcast was born through support from a DLR Group Personal Development Grant.

Listen to the podcast

Interactive Exhibit

ADA accessibility design exhibit with a wheel chair ramp and plaques on display

ADA accessibility design exhibit


Accessible Design Awareness

During design school, I spent three days traveling around campus in a wheelchair to immerse myself, as best as possible, in the world as experienced by people with disabilities. When awarded DLR Group’s Personal Development Grant, I wanted to create a similar eye-opening experience for the public. Not everyone is aware or affected by the everyday challenges experienced by people with disabilities.

Read more about the exhibit

Community Engagement Guidebook

Three men pointing at a photo on gallery wall in Seattle

Community engagement charrette


Outside In: Collaborative Community Design

How do we learn to design with people, not just for them? Using a personal development grant awarded to me by DLR Group, I’m helping clients understand the value and the practical considerations beyond the building so that social values such as health impact, diversity, and equity can be taken into account throughout the design process.

Learn more about collaborative community design

Integrated Design

Our promise is to elevate the human experience through design. We explore those challenges with best-in-class clients committed to improving our world.

Campus plaza at Oberlin College seen from top of the stairs looking down to walkway under 4th floor skywalk

Design Opportunities

The concept of ownership, its importance to our culture, and the immense benefits are rather simple. Driven by opportunity, we make decisions that impact not only our success but also that of our clients and partners.

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