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How Can I Intern with DLR Group?

Kate Thuesen

Our firm is committed to supporting the next generation of designers, architects, engineers, interior designers, graphic designers, and big thinkers who will influence and mold the future of the AEC industry. For decades, we have invested in interns and new graduates with the intention of not only building our future workforce, but also ensuring that students gain the insight and opportunities they need to build successful, meaningful careers after they leave us.

We’ve hosted internships for students with experience ranging from high school to postgraduate. No matter where they come to us in their education journey, they often have similar questions.

The DLR Group Experience in Los Angeles © Summer 2019

What is it like to work at DLR Group?
Each person who works at DLR Group has a design voice, and we can’t wait to help you define and amplify yours. Whether it’s through a design charrette, a meeting with a client, an internal project review or working through a building detail, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts (ha!) of putting a building together, working with teams, and being part of something larger than yourself. We make sure to provide opportunities for site visits, experiences on projects large to small, and projects in various phases of construction. We also hope to give you experiences outside of the typical internship in your discipline – from helping out on a business development or marketing pursuit, planning an event for your office, or sharing your ideas on what the future of design services looks like.

How will you support me as a student or a new graduate?
Whether you are pursuing hours towards the Architectural Experience Program or time allocated to becoming an engineer in training, finding your way around a new city, or learning new software programs, we’ll be here to help you track and discover the possibilities around you. You’ll be partnered with a manager and a buddy who will help you navigate working in your office, virtually or in person. Each summer we offer a bi-weekly learning session where all of our interns and new graduates come together to hear from someone in the firm to learn about a part of the business they may not have regular interaction with. Highlights from last year were discussions about how to capitalize on your internship; research, advocacy, community, and creative career pathways; and lessons from the construction job site.

Why did you choose to work at DLR Group, and why do you stay?
I was fortunate to join DLR Group as a new graduate right out of college and started my professional career supporting with design teams creating educational environments for K-12 schools. I enjoyed creating spaces where students could learn and discover what excited them about the world around them. I explored design, marketing, construction services and business development, and eventually joined our Higher Education studio to create learning spaces on university campuses. Today I lead DLR Group’s engagement with emerging professionals, helping our interns and new graduates learn and discover what excites them about design, and how they can mold their careers to align with their personal and professional goals and passions. One important piece in this process is daily living and modeling DLR Group’s values, which guide our work, and inspire our employee-owners to always elevate the human experience through design.

What would my experience look like?
You don’t need to read it here – take a moment to hop over to our IGTV channel to hear it from recent DLR Group interns! You can also learn more about what it’s like to work within our specialized teams over on our Careers page.

Great! Where do I apply?
Here’s a link to our open positions. If you don’t see one in a city you’re looking for, remember, DLR Group is always looking for great candidates. Keep checking back as new openings can open up at any time.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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