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black geometric branding mural on white wall for riverpoint shopping center

Reconnected Workplace: Textural Design Cues for Distance

Jeremy Reding

As offices reopen, behavior changes will be helped along by explicit visual information on stickers and signage. More permanent, artful solutions for spatial awareness can complement these temporary overt cues. We’re exploring ideas that rely on human intuition, a touch of whimsy, and commonly available materials and products that will live on past the need for distancing.

Aerial view rendering looking into layout of office with numbered sections with legend below

A few examples of textural cues in the late-pandemic workplace. Image by DLR Group.

This fitness-oriented workplace shows how the central ideas are tailored to company brand and culture, and applied across the office from bleachers to board room. Below is a preview of design solutions for bleacher-style meeting areas and board rooms.

Aerial view rendering looking into layout of part of office with numbered sections

Bleacher-style meeting area (5) and a board room (6). Image by DLR Group.

Legend for previous image. Top explains yoga mats on bleachers for comfortable distanced seats, boardroom sign ideas below

Image by DLR Group.

View the full poster for textural design cues to define an open, healthy office.

As many companies explore hybrid workplace solutions, our multidisciplinary teams are researching and applying design ideas toward to the future of work.

Click to visit our Reconnected Workplace knowledge hub.


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