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Supporting the Next Big Idea


325+ Colleges and Universities


5M+ SF Laboratory Planning + Design

Science + Technology

Supporting your pursuit of the next big idea and advancing teaching, testing, and research outcomes by design.


Missouri Southern State University

This new $30 million, 40,000-SF facility houses the College of Health Sciences and Welcome Center at Missouri Southern State University. The multidisciplinary program includes space for a simulated hospital with a variety of operating, exam, and care rooms; a radiologic technology lab suite, a cadaver laboratory suite, a virtual reality clinical training center, and a collaborative research laboratory.


Vanderbilt University

A new clinical and pathology laboratory building adds to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s impressive collection of facilities, and replaces a 40-year-old undersized facility. DLR Group’s design provides modern, open laboratories, based on an 11’-0” module. The majority of benches will be movable and height-adjustable lab tables with casters which will allow for easy reconfiguration to meet the needs of changing workflows. The programs include chemistry, microbiology, virology, molecular diagnostics, genomics, nucleic acid extraction and anatomical pathology.

a drawing of an axonometric floor plan of a laboratory building concept with details in red and gray

Through a layered planning and programming approach, the new lab design incorporates multiple stakeholder needs while implementing a future-proof modular design.


The University of Iowa

Built in the 1970’s, the historically significant Bowen Science Building lacked necessary infrastructure and open layouts. DLR Group’s design accommodates changing research investigators’ space needs and advances in equipment and technology while providing space for interaction between investigators and teams. The new layout optimizes flow through the labs to increase visibility, reduce disruption, and enhance safety and security. The renovated space includes functional laboratory modules and a dedicated tissue culture room for each investigator.

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Science + Technology

Meet Our Team

Science and Technology team standing around white table with papers, sketches, colored pens, and sticky notes.

DLR Group’s Science+Technology team is made of internationally recognized thought leaders, published authors, and presenters. We engage directly with intensely intellectual user groups to advance teaching, testing, and research outcomes by design. Meet a couple of our passionate team members below.

Senior Laboratory Planner

Becca Hoynoski

"I am a laboratory planner because I love science and research, collecting data, and discovery-driven work environments. Working with the top minds in the world to synthesize these together makes me smile every day. My mentor got me into this field–she encouraged me to keep discovering, ask questions, and foster relationships."

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