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New Laboratory Design Coming to Nashville Facility

(NASHVILLE, Tenn., January 31, 2022) – A new clinical and pathology laboratory building is being added to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s impressive collection of laboratory facilities in Nashville. It replaces an existing 40-year-old facility that has undergone numerous renovations and adaptations and is undersized for Vanderbilt’s current testing volumes at the hospital and clinics on campus.

DLR Group has been selected to provide architectural services for the laboratory and support spaces and will join the design-build team consisting of AN Architects, Inc. and Al Neyer, LLC. This project award is a direct result of DLR Group’s commitment to growing its Science+Technology practice and to elevating service offerings to clients.

The 145,000-SF building is located within the Metrocenter/North Rhodes Park District north of downtown and will be leased by Vanderbilt University after renovations are complete. It will provide additional space to house the clinical and anatomical pathology labs, support functions, administration offices and amenity spaces, and building operations. This larger, modern facility allows Vanderbilt to right size its clinical and pathology lab space, become more efficient in testing workflows, and provide opportunities for future expansion and automation capabilities. DLR Group’s scope includes individual laboratory fit-out plans, interior elevations, sections, and specifications and layouts for fixtures, furnishings, and fixed equipment.

“We are excited to provide an innovative laboratory facility that improves turn-around times and the resulting patient therapies to elevate the human experience through design,” Ertl continues. “DLR Group is also utilizing this opportunity to build a long-term partnership with Neyer and Vanderbilt University.”

Construction began in summer 2022 and completion is scheduled for spring 2023.

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