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DLR Group Serves Multiple Federal Agencies on IDIQ Contracts

With more than 50 years of experience in IDIQ delivery, we can meet the needs of any federal agency. As streamlined procurement vehicles, IDIQ contracts provide maximum flexibility to our agency partners, while enabling DLR Group to provide consistent design services to agency end-users and stakeholders. Contact Michael Minton or Michael Huffstetler with any questions.

  •  USACE Louisville District AE Services IDIQ – #W912QR24D0008
  • USACE Kansas City District SDVOSB DB MATOC – #W912DQ23D4002
  • USACE Little Rock District, Integrated Design Build Initial Outfitting for Department of Defense Healthcare Facilities (IDBIO 5.0) – #W9127S23D6022
  • DHS-USCG DB NMACC III – #70Z04723DPCNI0004, #70Z04723DPCNI0005, #70Z04723DPCNI0010
  • Architect of the Capital AE IDIQ – #AOC19C3002
  • Smithsonian AE IDIQ – #33330221DFC0010130
  • GSA Region 9 IDIQ, Zones 2 – #47PK1720D0023
  • GSA Region 9 IDIQ, Zones 3 – #47PK1720D0007
  • GSA Schedule – #GS-29F-0006Y.
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons, North Central IDIQ – #DJBP04020D00000008
  • Boeing / US Space Command AE Services Maui Space Surveillance Complex – #2021431
  • USACE Fort Worth Unrestricted Vertical MATOC – #W9126G24D0027
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs AE MAC – #140A1624D0011
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs OJS Education Site Assessment Services SATOC – #140A1624D0016
Michael Huffstetler
Connect with me to start a conversation ➔ Michael Huffstetler, Federal Programs Leader
Connect with me to start a conversation ➔ Michael Minton, Federal Civilian Leader


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