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Brand book for East Trails Middle School Bison, in Missouri. Two page spread with colors, shades of green and white, bison logo

Visual Identity: Tailormade Through Experiential Graphic Design

Adam Wells

Woven within the fabric of a rich learning environment, your school’s identity and brand are its DNA. This becomes the visual expression of your school and reflects the tradition of excellence educators and students aspire towards. The ideals and unique culture that your local community rallies behind, identifies with, and ultimately experiences are brought to life through experiential graphic design.

School districts and communities are complex systems, comprised of many moving parts. Communicating your values, goals, and mission into clear and concise visual language is not an easy task. Translating this is what we live to do. Our team of professionals is passionate about bringing your brand message to life. Success comes as the educational experience inspires a sense of loyalty and speaks to your character and identity.

Our strategic and comprehensive process provides a range of creative solutions that are more than simply creating a logo or providing a color set. We seek to share what makes your school unique. We include the values that make you tick. We take this knowledge and create deliverables that become part of your school and the community.

Brand book for the Moon Valley Rockets, in Arizona. Two page spread of logo treatments and color palettes

Brand Identity for Moon Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ. Image © DLR Group.

A Customized Package of Deliverables

We know you are unique, and we ensure your brand reflects that personality. We start from scratch to build a comprehensive guide tailored to your specific school and community. This includes a complete set of primary and secondary logos, unique color palettes, consistent typography sets, patterns, and brand applications. Our brand development process involves strategic planning, naming, visual identity, brand positioning, and packaging – all the elements necessary to support your school’s image.

Along with the visual brand guide, our team provides analysis, best practices, and ways to incorporate these new visual assets. Each element comes with specific instructions and recommendations from our designers on how to best use the assets.

Empowering Brand Ambassadors

When we develop a brand identity for a school and its surrounding community, we consider the impact and reach. This does not stop at a new Twitter avatar or a freshly painted logo on an athletic field. Clients value the broader strategically focused direction we provide to successfully implement assets. This is why we remain a resource for our clients even after we’ve delivered the final product.

Your brand is best communicated and embraced through ambassadors. The most effective ambassadors are students. Student buy-in and championship is essential. School campuses that operate student-run retail stores provide students real-life experience while showcasing branded merchandise. This is particularly helpful during a new brand launch. Educators working in the building and local community members also serve to ambassador the brand by promoting it to a broader audience.

Award Winning Designers + Experience

We are a group of creative professionals who collaborate with school districts to amplify your visual environments and support your identity. Continually adapting, honing artistic skills, and listening to clients has resulted in a diverse and deep K-12 Education portfolio.

We’ve earned awards from industry-leading organizations including Graphis, Logo Lounge, C2A, and the Muse Creative Awards.

3 view points of yellow and green football uniform

Rebranded Football Jersey for Gretna High School, Gretna, NE. Image © DLR Group.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create an elevated visual identity for your school or district.

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Adam Wells
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