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a two story exposed timber frame building with an all glass front set into a hillside along a treeline at night

The Future of Design: Projects, People, and Performance

Steven McKay

2023 will be a year of transition for DLR Group, as our next chapter unfolds. I am humbled and excited to take the helm as DLR Group CEO. I believe this is the best integrated design firm in the world, and I am energized and committed to making us just that, recognized by our industry and acknowledged by our peers. Below is my aspiration for the future: achieved through our projects, our people, and our performance.

Islamic World District Concept Plan in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Image © DLR Group.

Take a look at a key development in this plan, Madinah Gate.

Projects that Create Opportunities

We will focus our efforts on a culture of design excellence, emphasizing a language of design in all that we do, viewing our enterprise through the lens of our work and scaling up our projects. In 1966, DLR Group was established to practice and deliver integrated design. As the needs of our clients and internal expertise continues to grow, we will consistently connect core disciplines, enterprise and specialty services, and client sectors. This evolution of our integrated practice supports more nimble thinking and actions, efficiency in our decision making and practice, and accountability to achieve results.

To ensure career pathways are available for all, we will put additional emphasis on leadership diversity and look for opportunities to activate diverse design voices across disciplines.

Pinal County Attorney’s Office in Florence, AZ. Photo by Winquist.

See more of Pinal County’s new, award-winning office.

A People-First Culture

People are the foundation of our success and as a firm we will continue key investments in our employees. Career management that empowers employee-led professional development and career growth will continue to be a priority. Last year we established a formal Equity Forum and dedicated time to comprehensive equity training for firm leaders. Our commitment to equity will continue in 2023 on our journey to create real, lasting change for our firm, our clients, and the industry.

Focusing on Performance

We will continue to focus on performance by offering industry leading, innovative design that brings our clients’ visions to reality. To realize our climate and environmental design commitments, we will continue to infuse sustainability in all aspects of design and operations. The role of Chief Climate Officer is a new executive-level role at DLR Group, filled by Senior Principal Prem Sundharam, AIA, CEM. With Prem’s leadership we will continue to lead the conversation within the industry and the public realm.

DLR Group is the best integrated design firm on the globe. But we have more to achieve. We will evolve. We will innovate. We will build on the momentum already underway. By doing so, we will build on the legacy Griff spoke to in his look back at 2022 and make a lasting impact on our clients, communities, and the planet.

Read our full Annual Report for 2022.

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